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Published: 15th January 2010
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How many times have you left it until the last minute to save for your holiday? Didn't the wife tell you that her ideal vacation would be a spa vacation without the kids in Thailand? How on earth can you afford that? Besides things have slowed down at work recently and you might have your hours cut down. Worse still, you may not even have a job to come back to in 12 months time. The wife will just have to wait right? Wrong!

Travel Vacation clubs have never been popular, because of the monthly costs associated with what has been seen as an expensive, timeshare.You may get discounts, but you are paying a fortune with monthly costs and they have the audacity in some cases, to restrict when you can travel.

If only there was a travel vacation club that you pay a one off fee too and it gives you a whopping discount. That would keep the wife quite, wouldn't it? Wrong! The wife won't be happy with less than 4 stars and Thailand, well it'll have to be 5 stars. You don't want to pay a 5 star price tag though, right? Right!

What would keep the wife quite is, if she could boast to your new founded friends that you both have saved hundreds on your vacation. If she doesn't nag you, you might even throw in a few hundred dollars that you have saved, on those fancy massages and beauty treatments, she keeps raving on about.

Wouldn't it be good if there was such a vacation travel club?

There are some travel vacation clubs that also offer the opportunity of starting your own home business. Something that must not be sniffed at in these difficult times. Maybe it could be an extra income or eventually replace your full time income. Fancy working from home? It would make a change, wouldn't it? Maybe finally you could tell that boss where to put his job! That would be nice...

Looking to find out where you could find such a Vacations Travel Club. One which could save you upto 80% off all your vacations and if you wish, make you some money online? Try Primo Vacations. The travel vacations club everyone wants to be a member of.

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